Ocean freight

We are leaders in all different modes of maritime transport. Going from consolidated cargo and full containers to oversized cargo, our vast experience and our solid partnerships with the most important shipping companies in the world support our operations by providing reliability and efficiency. These solid partnerships guarantee the best conditions and the most competitive prices in the market.

AIR freight

Considering the urgency and care with which your air cargo must be treated, as authorized agents by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), we represent the main worldwide airlines efficiently and safely operating every shipment that is placed in our hands.

Inland freight

At Henco, we operate a network of professional carriers with certified drivers in the handling of any source of load: dry, refrigerated, oversized and full truckload. Furthermore, we have tracking equipment which allows us to provide prompt and accurate information guaranteeing that we meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Intermodal freight

We coordinate efficiently, quickly and assertively our diverse modes of transportation by organizing in a precise manner all the parties involved in the process and monitoring the critical points while supervising your cargo at all times.

Cargo Insurance

By providing risk-protection insurance, HENCO covers the cargo being transported that may be affected in case of any unexpected event during the shipping and handling process.


There is an infinity of variables to consider when planning the shipping of oversized cargo. At HENCO, we have a high level of experience and we are proud to have renowned project cargo specialists that strive to find optimal solutions for your cargo. At HENCO we have no limits!

Cargo inspections

In order to ensure the correct quality of products before being loaded and to avoid unnecessary costs, we have certified auditors across the world’s main cities and ports who assess production capacity and quality systems of the source vendors. As well as their facilities and work conditions allowing us to have the necessary information to make sure that the established standards of excellence are met.

Custom clearence and legal requirements

We offer you a wide network of customs agents through which we provide clearance of goods at the main customs offices across the country. As well as providing legal counseling in matters related to imports and exports of cargo.


In order to provide support to our customers, HENCO has trading services that facilitates customs procedures and expedites operational processes of the import and export of products.

Warehousing and distribution

HENCO has Distribution Centers strategically located for the optimization of loading, unloading, storage, consolidation, distribution and dispatching of serviced goods.


At Henco, our team of experts protects your goods with the strictest quality and safety standards for their proper transportation. Therefore, we guarantee the correct handling and control of your cargo at all times.